Looking For The Best Dry Herb Vaporizer in 2017?

Now you may have been sold by this company’s bold claims on this product, however after close analysis of user reviews they paint a different picture. Users complain of a poorly constructed design that breaks even after a few uses. To make matters worse they also say that the customer support offered is terrible, this is a real shame from such a reputable company. The company seems to have cut costs and nearly every step possible. Instead of using metal gears of quality, it appears they substituted cheap plastic ones that break easily. Another poor design feature with the light that indicates when the unit was operating; for some reason this light often stays on and causes the batteries to drain completely overnight.

These features mean that unless you are really after an electrical grinder you may wish to stay away from this device altogether. However if you are still interested in this device please check out the lowest prices here.

Sabi CRUSH 2-in-1 Pill Crusher/ Container

This is one of the highest rated products of the lot. This item has excellent user reviews; to see a video of this pill grinder and action click here. While this is a top quality product if you suffer from arthritis or any other condition it’s going to affect your ability to use and with your hands this may not be the right product for you. A great feature of this grinder is a self-contained design; this means there is no mess even when grinding down the pills. This allows you to keep dosage consistent; with low quality grinders you may spill some. Now how can you be sure that the dosage is correct?

The consistency that this grinder is able to achieve is comparable to granules of sugar. This makes a most ideal for consumption mixed in food, however if you wish to mix this into a liquid maybe you should consider something can grind finer. This makes it far easier to drink. While I don’t recommend this product for anyone suffering arthritis for the average person this will be very easy on their hands. This pool grinder does not require much effort to operate, which is a bonus for older folk.

In conclusion this grinder does what it says it does; it quickly and efficiently crushes pills to a sugar grain like consistency, making it ideal for consumption and food. If this sounds like the right product to you click here for our lowest price.

Pestle and mortar

if you are seeking to grind your pills to a very fine consistency this may be the best dry herb vaporizer in 2017. While using a pestle and mortar will be significantly more fiddly then the other easier tools above you will be able to control how fine you grind your pills with precision. This is also ideal for producing large batches of ground pills and will make quick work of any job.

I recommend a high quality porcelain water, the size I chose is 3.5 inches. This will fat the needs of most people without being too large. Coming in at a $10 price range, this is an extremely affordable option that provides far more uses other than just grinding. This will handle many kitchen tasks that will before very time-consuming.8May